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Coffer Co. Garden Products
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About our Company

"The Only
Seed Recycling Bird Feeders"

Coffer Company Garden Products was founded in 1989 by Jerry Coffer to manufacturer the Tidydiner seed-recycling birdfeeder. Jerry developed the concept after seeing the mess of rotting seed below a friend's birdfeeder after only a few months of feeding. The prototype model was given to this friend as a gift.

The first formal model, the dome feeder, was very popular. It has been sold through the National Museum of Science in New York, the Nature Company stores, Wild Birds Unlimited stores, Wild Bird Marketplace stores, Wild Bird Center stores, and a large variety of other specialty bird feeding stores. Over the years we have added the Cascade, Alpine and Spirithouse feeder lines. All are seed-recycling birdfeeders.

Coffer Company has now decided to market the Tidydiner feeder through the internet only and to discontinue sales of the Tidydiner through retail outlets. Retail outlets greatly increase the price of the product. We have no ethical problem with that price increase; the stores have large capital overhead and expensive labor costs. However, that high cost leads to unprofitably low margins for us, and unnecessary high prices for you. Let us give you an example. The current retail price for the dome feeder (which you would pay in the store, if available), is $69. We can offer that same feeder direct to you for $34 plus $5 for shipping and handling (total of $39). The store price is 77% higher than our price.

So why did we discontinue selling retail? If the stores are selling the Dome feeder for $69 and we are selling it direct on the internet for $34, it would not be fair to the stores, and they would soon stop carrying our feeders. You will see many vendors of popular products sell both direct over the internet and through stores. However, note that the price is essentially the same whether direct or through the retail store. The manufacturer has to sell only over the internet, to give the customer the direct sales internet price break. Take our word for it, the transition to direct sells only is a painful experience, requiring the loss of all the wholesale business.

To Order...Please take a look at our feeders by clicking on the feeder types on the left side of this screen. If you decide you want to purchase a feeder, please call Dave at 503-939-9491 or 800-524-9251 (toll free). He will take your order.