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"The Only
Seed Recycling Bird Feeders"

Many appartment renters especially those residing on the upper floors have been able to put the Tidydiner feeders on their deck and maintain a friedship with there lower neighbors.

One whole town in the mid-west banned the backyard feeding of birds because the town had a rat problem. When they heard of the Tidydiner feeder, they tried it out. After a sucessful trial the Tidydiner feeder was declared by the City Council to be the only feeder that could be legally used in the city limits.

Portland Oregon's primary newspaper, the Oregonian, published an article on January 20, 2000, indicating, after trials, that "the Tidydiner performs well--even beyond, I would say, its claim of preventing 80 percent of the spillage of other feeders." The author indicates that "damp moldy seed on the ground not only sprouts -- we had volunteer sunflouwers all over the place last year--but also becomes fertile habitat for salmonella bacteria and deadly viruses such as avian pox and others." This same article quotes Bob Sallinger of the Audubon Society of Portland. He "recommends cleaning spilled seed once a week and discarding leftwovers to avoid disease buildup. Sick birds generally sit quietly by themselves, usually with feathers fluffed up and generally acting lethargic. If you see persistent signs of disease, take the feeders down for a few weeks and force the survivors to find a disease-free area." This is a problem the Tidydiner can fix for you.

In a letter to the editor of the Oregonian dated October 3, 1989, Frances Osborn writes of the large number of rats in the Portland area (Multnomah County estimates the population at 700,000). She says "Why don't they make bird feeders" that take care of the dropping mess. "One then would eliminate many a feast for the four-legged creatures, Then I could feed the birds again. Birds are so pretty and we need their song."

And some general customer comments:

"I recently purchased from Gardener's Supply a seed saving bird feeder. This feeder is so satisfactory that I would like to know if you sell additional bird feeding equipment."

"We have a profusion of birds. They actually stand in line (wait their turn). They are so cute."

"The feeder really saves seed as you said it would. So much of it."

To Order...Please take a look at our feeders by clicking on the feeder types on the left side of this screen. If you decide you want to purchase a feeder, please call Dave at 503-939-9491 or 800-524-9251 (toll free). He will take your order.